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 Register for CE Breakfast Symposium at AVA 2022:  
Stop Going Blind and Get NIR Sighted!

October 1, 2022, @ 7-8:30 AM ET
Nancy Moureau,
Gregory Schears, MD
Charlotte Hart, DNP(c), MSN, RN, CNE, VA-BC 
Minneapolis Convention Center
Room 101D

Session Description

In this session you will be introduced to the important role Near Infrared (NIR) plays in vein health for assessment, insertion and post-insertional assessment leading to nurse and patient satisfaction.


Peripheral IV access is critical for modern medical care. Getting venous access is frequently very challenging due to limited visible venous targets.  Clinicians have used “blind” sticks as a means of getting access in these difficult patients. Fortunately, blind sticks are no longer necessary since vein visualization technology such as NIR allows the clinician to see more venous targets, identify valves and follow the full path of the vein. NIR helps make each stick a success thus reducing unnecessary digging and failed passes as commonly occurs using a blind technique. 


Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss why blind sticks are not best practice for venous access.

  2. Describe how NIR streamlines workflow and identifies more venous targets than you can see with the bare eye.

  3. Identify how NIR helps reduce sticks thus reducing pain and contributes to vessel health.

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